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Pop-up LED Lantern with Diffused Lens


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Pop-up LED Lantern with Diffused Lens





Max Lumen: 79
Max Run Time: 2.5h
Battery: 3 AAA
Model: LP185

This pop-up LED lantern is bright with 79 lumens. It's lightweight and illuminates an amount of light that will fill under-lit areas without causing eye fatigue. This lantern features a pop-up on/off button. Simply press down the top of the light and the lens will pop-up and turn on. It has a good run time of 2.5 hours and conveniently runs on 3 AAA batteries. (Batteries are included) This lantern comes in a variety of 6 different colors: black, sky blue, grey, hot pink, orchid, and cyan. It is designed to be multi-functional with two collapsible metal hooks and a magnetic base. Take it camping, to the park, use it in your workshop, or as a reading lantern.  

6 colors to choose from Black, Sky Blue, Grey, Hot Pink, Orchid, Cyan

 Pop-up lantern with diffused lens
 Bright with 79 lumens 
 Lightweight and durable
 Operates on 3 AAA with a 2.5 hr run time
 2 collapsible hooks for secure hanging
 Magnetic base for secure placement

Technical Specs:
LED: Diffused pop-up
Lumens: 79 
Run Time: 2.5h
Battery Count/Size: 3 AAA 
Width: 2.5 in
Height: 2.75 in
Weight: 0.32 lb

Operation Instructions

LUXPRO LP185 Lantern Operation Instructions

Battery Replacement 

LUXPRO LP185 Lantern Battery Replacement

Performance Specs

LUXPRO LP185 Lantern Performance Specs

Warranty Information

The LP185 has a Limited 30-Day Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

To submit a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

There were some imperfections in the teal colored light we ordered. Some white discolorations on the body of the light and also a black smudge on the top of the light. I tried getting it off with rubbing alcohol, but will have to try something else. Love the lights. I use them every day. Small, portable, and illuminating.

Gerald W.
Best bedside light

I love these at my bedside. It's just the right amount of light to allow me to find the bathroom and they're so easy to find and activate in the dark.

Rosemarie C.

I love it

Deborah L.
Great product, exceptional customer service

I purchased one of these lights several months ago. It's a convenient little gadget, small but powerful. The magnetic back and hanging loops are nice features. Unfortunately, I dropped my light and something broke inside so it got stuck in the on position and wouldn't click off. I could not fix it other than by removing the batteries. I used the "contact us" link on the website to ask about fixing it, and here's where the magic happened. LuxPro replied within a day asking for a little more information, and once I responded they shipped me a replacement light. This exceeded my expectations, since it was not a defective product and I was up front about breaking it accidentally. I received personal emails from customer service, and they moved fast to resolve the issue and ensure I had a good experience. Definitely a company I want to do business with. 5 stars for the product, 5 stars for customer service.