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LP600V3 Bright 550 Lumen LED Handheld Flashlight



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LP600V3 Bright 550 Lumen LED Handheld Flashlight



Max Lumen: 550
Max Run Time: 20h
Battery: 4 AAA
Model: LP600V3

LUXPRO bright 550 lumens LED handheld flashlight with TackGrip. A compact flashlight that puts off a clean light beam. With 4 lighting modes, users can get the light they need for any situation. Access 550 lumens on High, 185 on Medium, and 40 on Ultra-Low. The Ultra-Low setting gives you an extended runtime of up to 20 hours. This is crucial for emergency situations. Hidden Strobe is a mode that can be accessed and exited by pressing the on/off button for approximately 3-4 seconds. Updated electronics allows users to turn the light off with one click after using the selected mode for more than 5 seconds. Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and TackGrip making it extremely durable. TackGrip is patented, exclusive to LUXPRO, and is molded directly to the aluminum body for longer-lasting durability that won’t slide or curl. This light is o-ring sealed and water resistant with an IPX4 rating. It operates on and comes loaded with 4 AAA alkaline LUXPRO batteries and is backed by a Limited Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

 Pocket-sized LED handheld flashlight
 Modes: High, Med, Low & Hidden Strobe
 One-click off advanced electronics
 Aircraft-grade aluminum
 IPX4 waterproof rating
 Wrist lanyard included
 Limited manufacturer's warranty

Technical Specs:
Lumens: 550 - 40
Run Time: 1h 45m - 20h
Beam Distance: 335m - 85m
Battery Count/Size: 4 AAA
Width: 1.48 in
Height: 5.7 in
Weight: .38 lb

Operation Instructions

LUXPRO LP600V3 Flashlight Operation InstructionsLUXPRO LP600V3 Flashlight Operation Instructions

Battery Replacement

LUXPRO LP600V3 Flashlight Battery Replacement Instructions

Performance Specs

LUXPRO LP600V3 Flashlight Performance Specs

Warranty Information

The LP600V3 has a Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

To submit a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Brian A.
Super bright

Best flashlight I've ever owned. Love it!

M M.
LuxProw flashlights

My current order of four LP600V3 flashlights was based upon my past experience with a larger one of the LuxPro products. The lights are incredibly bright. So far (over two years for my first one) they work flawlessly, exactly as advertised. I have, like most people, owned many flashlight brands and types. Only a two brands get 5 stars from me, LuxPro is one of those two. These products are serious quality lights made for real-world use. I highly recommend LuxPro to anyone looking for a top quality flashlight.

Veritas S.
Great service people

My first Luxpro was an LP600V2 and it quickly pooped out.
Their Customer Service rep listened to my explanation and offered to send me a new LP600V3 (instead of repairs, parts, or a refurb'd unit) as a warranty remedy.
I accepted, they shipped it, and I noticed a better quality design in the this new version when compared to the previous one. This tells me they DO listen to customer's complaints and address them
Because it is intended as an emergency backup, I don't use it much. So far, however, it is perfect for me.
So I ordered an additional one as a redundant backup.
My only disappointment is they don't sell spare parts for them. It would have been nice to keep a couple of battery holders "locked and loaded" for use in an extended power outage situation... and a spare switch would be icing on the cake. This is not enough to substract a star from their ratings; it just makes the difference between being a "satisfied" customer and being a "thrilled" customer that raves to others about their product.
Thank you.

Paul R.

LP600V3 Bright 550 Lumen LED Handheld Flashlight