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About Us

LUXPRO is not just another flashlight company. It’s a beacon of innovation fueled by its passionate team. Nestled in the heart of Utah, our surroundings inspire us to craft exceptional products. Located amidst the beauty of nature, it inspires us to embrace the outdoors and promote a lifestyle that encourages you to enjoy the wonder and awe that this planet has to offer. This is why we love what we do.

We offer innovative, reliable, and durable light sources for a wide range of needs, including projects, activities, events, adventures, and preparedness. Whether you're exploring the mountains, relaxing by a lake, camping in a tent, or simply enjoying your backyard, our products are designed to accompany you wherever you go. If you're passionate about outdoor pursuits like climbing, skiing, paragliding, fishing, biking, camping, or just spending time in nature, you'll find kindred spirits here. We thoroughly test our products through sponsored outdoor events, a network of product ambassadors, and our own adventures, ensuring they meet the demands of real-world outdoor enthusiasts like you. Several of our products are crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring long-lasting durability. Speaking of long-lasting, many of our products also include a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind!

LUXPRO has been dedicated to crafting lighting solutions since 1999, but we're picky—we don't create just anything. Our motto is to exclusively develop products that we ourselves would choose to use. We integrate cutting-edge LED technology into sturdy electronics and incorporate intuitive and powerful features. Among these features are auto-off capabilities, thermal and polarity protection, simplified on/off smart electronics, useful but not excessive modes, and ergonomic designs that are comfortable to use.

We offer innovation at an affordable price. We have full confidence in our product and want everyone to experience the quality of a LUXPRO. Our global network of product ambassadors carries extra products to give away for free while enjoying their favorite activities, whether it's hiking a trail, camping in the wilderness, setting up an all-night photoshoot, or simply strolling through the neighborhood with a friend. If you're lucky enough to encounter one of these individuals, we simply ask for your honest feedback. Your input helps us continually improve, ensuring that we deliver next-generation lighting gear to the world.

While other companies give you hype, we give you technology:

TACKGRIP - an innovative grip design permanently bonded to the flashlight using a patented process. It offers an assertive yet comfortable grip, whether you're wearing gloves or not, while also minimizing heat and cold transfer to your hand in extreme conditions.


LPE Optics – Proprietary reflector designs that project a clean, precise beam. They are designed to provide long-range focal beams and are incorporated in our patented one-handed focusing technology.


SMART Programming - LUXPRO lighting products are intelligent! We integrate multiple modes, including hidden strobe, ultra-low, and night vision colors. Additionally, we offer a simple on/off operation without scrolling through unwanted modes.


Variable Dial - LUXPRO's dial-mode flashlights are highly favored for ensuring your light activates in a specific mode while retaining convenient on/off functionality. Lanterns equipped with a variable dial provide complete control over the lumen output, allowing you to adjust from the highest output to the lowest output level.


Rechargeable - LUXPRO provides most products in a rechargeable model, offering significantly enhanced output and runtime without the need for battery replacements. Some of our rechargeable lights even double as power banks!


Dual Power Option – LUXPRO flashlights and lanterns featuring our dual power option offer the ability to use rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries, providing flexibility and extended run-times.


LUXPRO actively supports both our local and global communities through various initiatives. We proudly sponsor photographers, athletes, adventurers, and several non-profit organizations. Additionally, we supply lights and batteries to medical professionals worldwide, supporting their crucial healthcare efforts. From larger groups like ZimbabWEcare to small local community organizations, we are committed to making a positive impact.

We cherish the privilege of living and playing in such an incredible environment, and we are dedicated to contributing to the safety and enjoyment of outdoor experiences worldwide.

Whether you're seeking the perfect lantern for camping, a headlamp for a project, or a flashlight for nightly walks with your dog, our team of experts is here to assist you. Contact us via email or phone at 1-866-553-8886 to find the ideal lighting solution for your next adventure!

LUXPRO is a division of Simple Products Corporation.