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XP913 Pro Series 1100 Lumen LED Rechargeable Focus Flashlight



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XP913 Pro Series 1100 Lumen LED Rechargeable Focus Flashlight



Max Lumen: 1100
Max Run Time: 12h
Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
Model: XP913

Pro Series 1100 lumen LED rechargeable focus flashlight with TackGrip by LUXPRO. This rechargeable flashlight is compact, tactical, and illuminates up to 1,100 ultra-bright lumens. With a one-hand push/pull focus feature you can adjust the beam size according to your lighting needs. There are 4 modes to choose from: High, Medium, Low and Hidden Strobe. Run times range from 3 hours on High to an impressive 12 hours on Low. Low mode casts a dim, yet usable beam of 70 lumens. This light comes equipped with a rechargeable 3.7V 2000mAh battery that charges in approximately 4 hours. Conveniently charge the flashlight with the included micro-USB cable. TackGrip rubber grip is molded directly to the aluminum body for longer-lasting durability that won’t slide or curl. TackGrip is a distinguishing patented feature that is exclusive to LUXPRO. 

 1100-lumen output
 Single hand push/pull focus head 
 Aircraft-grade aluminum
 LPE Optics and patented TackGrip
 Max run time of 12 hours 
• Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Technical Specs:
Lumens: 1100 - 70 
Run Time: 3h - 12h
Beam Distance: 250m - 70m
Battery Count/Size: 3.7V 2000mAh
Width: 1.75 in
Height: 5.75 in
Weight: 0.48 lb

Operation Instructions

LUXPRO XP913 Flashlight Operation InstructionsLUXPRO XP913 Flashlight Operation Instructions

Charging Instructions

LUXPRO XP913 Flashlight Charging Instructions

Performance Specs

LUXPRO XP913 Flashlight Performance Instructions

Warranty Information

The XP913 has a Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

To submit a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Page.

Professional Features


Single hand push/pull focus head to easily adjust the beam size. 


Operates on a rechargeable 3.7V 2000mAh battery that charges in approximately 4 hours with included micro-USB cable.

Smart Programming

LUXPRO lighting products are smart!  We incorporate multiple-modes, hidden strobe, ultra-low, and a simple on and off operation without scrolling through unwanted modes.


Constructed with quality aircraft-grade aluminum and TackGrip for long lasting durability. TackGrip is a patented comfortable rubber grip molded directly to the flashlight.


Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Johnny M.
Super bright

It works great

David P.
Doesn't charge

Great flashlight. But I have it hooked up for hours to the usb port after minimal use and the charging light doesn't turn green. Please contact me about this

Riley C.

My wife and I live on a small, square, 10 acre parcel of land that is pasture with a 10-30 yard perimeter lined by trees. We stumbled onto the XP913 flashlight. We were tired of buying batteries. We have house dogs that we walk every night at least twice after dark. Because the XP913 has the ability to focus the beam, we can scan the perimeter quickly before venturing too far outside. From the house to the closest trees is about 300 feet and the farthest trees is about 550 feet. We see everything in the path of the beam clearly.

We've owned 9 of these flashlights and purchased the last 2 directly from LUXPRO. We use these flashlights every night at least 2-3 times for an average of 15 minutes each use which is about 275 hours a year. We go through 2 flashlights each year because the LED starts to dim at some point. The cost of charging is minimal versus the cost of 3 AAA batteries every few days. We will continue to purchase this flashlight.

patrick p.

Exceptional service, honoring warranty before I even knew there was one. And , the best flashlight I have ever owned,