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Rechargeable Reading Lamp with Warm LED

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Rechargeable Reading Lamp with Warm LED


Max Lumen: 16
Max Run Time: 75h
Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh built-in
Model: LP178

The LUXPRO Rechargeable Reading Light is a reader’s best friend. The battery life is impressive at 75 hours and is easily charged in just 2.5 hours with a standard micro USB cable. It has a padded book clamp for a secure hold, and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to use on any size book; anywhere you go. With 3 different lighting modes high, medium, and low to choose from, you can read in varying lighting conditions with ease. The diffused warm light is easy on the eyes and will not cause eye fatigue. The neck is flexible allowing the user to get light exactly where it’s needed.

• Built-in rechargeable battery
• 3 modes: high, medium and low
• Padded book clamp
• Flexible neck for directional lighting
• Easily lights 2 pages
• Warm LED is gentle on the eyes
• Charges in 2.5 hours
• Includes a micro-USB charging cable

Technical Specs:
Lumens: 4 - 16
Run Time: 75h - 10h
Battery Count/Size: 3.7V 1000mAh built-in
Width: 1.75 in
Height: 11 in
Weight: 0.14 lb

LP178 User Manual