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LP630V2 Focus Bright 560 Lumen LED

Had a chance (thanks to LuxPro to try out the newer (compared to my older model) flashlight. These are amazing devices. Love them, love the price, and love who often and frequently I use it for all kinds of things!

Excellent tool. I use it all the time.

Best Flashlight 🔦

I needed a reliable flashlight that's bright, with decent enough battery life, that's also rugged enough to withstand outdoor use.

This far exceeded my demands.

P.S. Its grippy design is easier to hold onto than your father's old Maglite.

Great Flashlight!

This is my 3rd LuxPro flashlight and this one was free as my old one had a defective switch. Great customer service!

Awesome and Bright Flashlight!

Love this flashlight - purchased 4 for me and 3 friends!


These mini flashlights were given to my daughter and a friend . They are pocket size or purse size and are just handy to have on hand.

The title holds true to its function-wonderful illumination which can cover long distance(s).

Your Flashlights are very compact and can be easily carried especially during 'outages'-carry in your pocket or glove compartment or drawer for any emergency . We have been using your product for many years-starting with (2) flashlights, now have (4).

Great product and service

I received 2 of these a few years back as a birthday present. When the first one quit, the batteries had leaked which is not covered under warranty so I just bought a replacement. 5 months later, the second one quit but the batteries were still good so I called and turned in a warranty claim with pictures. I got a call and an email with replacement information and the opportunity to buy another which I did. This is one of the best flashlights I have had.

Use everyday ALL day at work

Wirth it’s weight in gold

Super Bright

Rechargeable batteries Great flashlight for safety.

They honored the warranty for a light that I had. (Charging port was not working) and it came in a good time.

Excellent Light

I have been using one of these flashlights for over ten years. It has been in countless tough and dirty spots (construction work), dropped many times, and it just keeps working. A problem finally developed with the power switch where it wouldn't always come on without tapping it on something, which is why I ordered another one. I actually ordered three, one for regular work use, one for around the house, and one backup. It is compact, highly durable, until recently always reliable, and it has a great beam. Even though it isn't an adjustable beam, I have never wanted to change it. I have other flashlights with adjustable beams, but none are quite as good as this one, as the adjustable beams all have some kind of "halo" effect at certain beam settings that I don't like.
I don't know if the aluminum case is a critical part of its durability, but it has lasted much longer than multiple plastic-cased flashlights that I have used. While I am not suggesting that Luxpro increase their prices, I would pay a good bit more for this flashlight. The durability is worth a lot to me.
I usually only give five stars for something exceptional, and for products (and service, for that matter) only very rarely, but this flashlight has earned it. I also love that it hasn't changed compared to the first one I bought, at least as far as I can tell I assumed that someone would try and "improve" it, but I am not sure how you could. Thankfully, no one has.

This LED light ROCKS!!!!!!

I've owned MANY compact flashlights but this LUXPRO LP831C out performs them all!!!!! It's so bright and strong. I carry it in my handbag. The shipping was fast and the price great!!!! THANK YOU LUXPRO!!!

Great product and great service!

The 630 is a great product. Very happy with this flashlight. My recent experience with a warranty claim was positive .

Very bright and a super hand warmer very happy with the XP915 rechargable flashlight

Super easy to use and always reliable. My husband and I each have one now to carry with us.

Never a regret. Came exactly as stated and works like a charm. Thank you Lux Pro.

I appreciate the fine work with my warranty claim.. Thank you.

Just love it

And their response to a warranty claim was handled quickly and went off without a hitch. TY

Great Product

I love the service if needed. Great Products

In my car console.

In my car console for small needs.
Great flashlight to grab and use in hurry.

I love it

I love your customer service I stated I was in a accident and strapped for funds you guys waved the shipping and handling thank you very much

Luv my Luxpro!!

Super bright and portable!! Thank you!

really bright

excellent flashlight. compact, super bright. great value!

Trustworthy Company

I contact the company because my light stopped working, I was willing to pay for a replacement accessory upper unit if available. I was reminded this unit was warranted. LUXPRO verified my light as their product by photo. Next thing I knew i received an email with instructions and a photo. I payed shipping cost for new upgrade unit. I only wish I could by name thank the customer care member and thank her…Thanks LUXPRO!