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Can take a beating and keep on going!

As a home inspector It’s important to me to have durable yet reliable equipment that I can have confidence in. This flashlight is all of that and more, and the fact that it’s also rechargeable is awesome! Not to mention the company stands by there product now that’s confidence in your product enough to back it and I love that! I’d definitely buy it again, and again!

Had something go wrong within the warranty and they replaced it free no questions.
This is made well in America

Perfect bright rechargeable light

I will only buy luxpro flashlights they are super bright compact easy to use and their customer service is a no questions asked type of service also they respond to you extremely quick

Thank you to your Team!

Flashlight is tough, compact, easy to recharge, durable, and cool looking!

Bravo! I have bought 3 of these now! They’re so worth it and amazing!

Really good flash light.

Have 2 LUXPRO flashlights and I highly recommend to anyone.

Very friendly and prompt response

Love it

Had to ask for a warranty replacement due to a odd issue. No hassle replacement. Great service

I have two now both are great 👍🏽 one is three years old and one is new !

Very Responsive

Back up their words with action.

Very nice bright light.

Received as a warranty replacement for an older model. This one is 550 lumens, quite a bit brighter than the light it replaced. Well built It should hold up for a long time. Luxpro takes good care of its customers.

LP290V3 300 Lumen High-Output Everyday Pocket Light V3

Favorite flashlight

Excellen flashlight. Provides plenty of light

A powerful light

I bought this after my neighbor recommended your flashlight. He uses it on nightly dogs walk, and gave me a demonstration which convinced me to upgrade from my small battery operated lights.
It is the perfect size, and I like that it is rechargeable.
My neighbors comment after I bought the 2500 lumens model- “You are holding the sun in your hand!”

Customer Service is excellent. Nothing but good experience.

Really good

The light is incredibly bright. Serves all my work day needs. Thank you guys for helping out with the last flashlight quitting early on me, I hope this one makes it longer. Overall a happy camper here.

Great service!

I contacted LuxPro to warranty a couple of our flashlights. Their service was super fast and excellent communication. Thank you! We use LuxPro in our entire fleet of school buses and activity motorcoaches. It's great to know they stand by their product and we love the flashlights!

Excellent warranty

I had a flashlight that the off/on switch quit working. I got a free replacement. I have about 10 Luxpro flashlights strategically placed in the house and in my vehicles. I wouldn't have anything else. When the one quit working properly I got a timely response to my claim.

Super bright

It's a little smaller and lighter than I anticipated. Makes up for it in power. It's the brightest flashlight I've ever had.


Very excellent service for my warranty!

XP915 Pro Series 1600 Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight

LP738 head lamp.

I love this head lamp! It's perfect when you don't have an extra hand to hold a flashlight. Like all my Luxpro lights adjustable brightness and durable! I use it alot working on my RC cars when room light is not enough I can direct the beam to where I want it!


This is my go to flashlight in my garage. I received it as a gift from my beautiful daughter! It very durable! It's fallen off car fenders and my work bench several times and lights up everything! Also has a long run time! The rubber grip makes it easy to hold on to. I own several Luxpro lights. Top notch quality!