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XP976 Pro Series 450 Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight.

Great LED flashlight! Easy to recharge, long lasting battery and great customer support! I will buy more!

Warranty honor

Thank you for honoring the warranty and shipping a new unit to me. I hope this one lasts longer.

Great light, bright enough even with 2nd setting
Light so very portable. We will see how long it will last!!!!

Best flashlight I’ve ever had

Very very bright light with the option to lower the intensity. Easy to use, nothing tricky, which I love. Feels sturdy and very well made. I don’t know of any other brand whose lights are all such high quality.

The team at Luxpro took very good care of me. Plus the flashlights they manufacturer are well within the the price point for me. They also have a great warranty.


Recieved new flash light,very satisfied.
I used this light every day for food inspection, was very reliable bright and sturdy. GREAT PRODUCTS GREAT WARRANTY.

Multiple Power Option Lantern

Excellent super reliable lantern. Long lasting power supply.
Very rugged, been on many journeys with us.
Great size.
Highly recommend!!!
Happy camping!!

Wonderful flashlight!

I had to replace my old LUXPRO as the battery case had leaked acid and I could not remove the battery. Had to pitch it. Ordered a new one and hope the same thing does not happen.

Awesome customer service

I had my luxpro flashlight for a few months and the charger pushed the input plug inside the flashlight body and became irretrievable. So I couldn't charge it. And in the months preceding, I had lost track of my receipt. I was able to track my credit card charge. Customer service was awesome and they shipped a new one. Also, the flashlight works great and is very bright. Thank-you.

Reliable and bright

I bought my LP1044 about a year ago and haven't found a more reliable flashlight. I've tried other brands of flashlights that eventually flicker or the battery life diminishes so I've had to swap them out quite a lot. That is until I found this one, I'm a repair tech for an appliance company and appreciate the durability and reliable quality of this flash light. Highly recommend the device is worth every penny.

Thank you LuxPro for your honoring of your lifetime warranty!!!! I had a v1 of this flashlight and the warranty came into play when the flashlight is now at V3 in its life path! Very solid flashlights and amazing customer service!!!! Thank you! Thank you! thank you!

Lux pro is a fantastic light I will be giving as gifts and replacing my others with luxpro Highly recommend!

These are great little lights. We have one in our car, truck, briefcase and almost every room in the house! About 10 total lights! Thanks for a great product!

Super Awesome Flashlight

I run a haunted house - I cant work without a GOOD flashlight. The XP910 (And the entire line with the front rotating switch) is out of this world amazing for what I need. That front selector switch is a game changer that you cant find on other flashlights. The ability to turn the light on and off and keep it in a set mode is so incredibly helpful. Most flashlights you have to use the single button to cycle through, but the addition to the selector makes it easy to turn your light up down or to strobe quickly. The clip on the light is sturdy and the light itself has stood up to multiple seasons of abuse. I currently have it in my everyday backpack - thing goes everywhere with me!

Great product! Highly recommend!

Nice Light

I am very pleased with the light. It's also nice to see a company stand behind its product; we really appreciate it.

LP1100V3 Bright 455 Lumen 2D LED Flashlight

Love your product had a problem with it and you treated me with respect and replaced my flashlight. I use it everyday


It’s amazing how many lumen you can get out of the new Luxpro Flashlights in such a small and light package! No more lugging around 4 to 6 D Batteries!


Thank y’all very much for getting me the replacement flashlights y’all flashlights are the only flashlights that I use

LP1044 Rechargeable Focusing Penlight 360 Lumen LED Flashlight

Just wow

Wasn’t expecting much of this headlamp. Was surprised to find out how awesome this thing is. It lasts a long time before I have to re charge it. Also it’s usb-c rechargeable, very convenient. Overall will buy more. A diamond for sure!

The best small light to use all the time

Best flashlight I have ever used

Bright, compact, and the four one my son has ordered since he likes them so well.

Super bright, nice and compact