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LP32UV Ultra Violet Bright Flashlight with Lanyard



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LP32UV Ultra Violet Bright Flashlight with Lanyard



UV: 385nm-390nm
Battery: 4 AAA
Model: LP32UV

The LUXPRO Ultra Violet 32 LED Flashlight shines bright ultraviolet light. This portable black light can be used for locating scorpions, detecting pet stains, mineral lighting, charging glow-in-the-dark fishing tackle, etc. It features 32 super bright UV LED lights and is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. Security teams use these lights to detect fraudulent IDs and counterfeit money. Rock enthusiasts use them to find exotic seashore fragments. The LP9UV ultraviolet flashlight comes loaded with 4-AAA batteries and includes a wrist strap.

• 32 UV LEDs
• Tactical on/off button
• Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum
• Operates on 4 AAA batteries (included)
• Comes with a wrist lanyard
• IPX4 waterproof rating
• Limited manufacturer's warranty

Technical Specs:
UV: 385nm-390nm 
Water Resistant Rating: IPX4
Battery Count/Size: 4 AAA
Width: 1.8 in
Height: 4.6 in
Weight: 0.37 lb

Operation Instructions

LUXPRO LP32UV Flashlight Operation Instructions

Battery Replacement

LUXPRO LP32UV Flashlight Battery Replacement Instructions

Warranty Information

The LP32UV has a Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

To submit a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark K.
Great little uv light

I collect Uranium Glass. It is glassware from the Great Depression era. They would infuse uranium sand into the glass which gave it a light green look. When you put it under a UV or Blacklight it glows a brilliant green. This little light is perfect for it

Kevin B.
4/5 purchase

The UV flashlight enable catching 205 Lbs Blue fin tuna jigging knife jigs at 1:30 AM. Boat deck light are not as effective as true UV charging of fluorescent 400g lures at depth

Ryan B.
Finally found one

Thank you for asking these, not too many make them, and even less make the accessible through in store purchase...picked this up at Batteries Plus on sale!

Wade H.
Great little UV lights!

We sell these lights in the gift shop of our museum. They're great, affordable lights! We use them to make scorpions glow in the dark. We also sell them to rock collectors to see minerals fluoresce.