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LP9UV Mini Ultra Violet Flashlight with Lanyard



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LP9UV Mini Ultra Violet Flashlight with Lanyard



UV: 385nm
Battery: 3 AAA
Model: LP9UV

The LUXPRO Ultra Violet 9 LED Flashlight can be used to detect scorpions, pet stains, and mineral lighting. It features nine super bright UV LED lights and is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. Security teams use these lights to detect fraudulent IDs and counterfeit money. Rock enthusiasts use them to find exotic seashore fragments. The LP9UV ultraviolet flashlight comes loaded with 3-AAA batteries and includes a wrist strap. 

• 9 UV LEDs
• Tactical on/off button
• Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum
• Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included)
• Comes with a wrist lanyard
• IPX4 waterproof rating
• Limited manufacturer's warranty

Technical Specs:
UV: 385nm 
Waterproof Rating: IPX4
Battery Count/Size: 3 AAA
Width: 1.3 in
Height: 4.35 in
Weight: 0.24 lb

Operation Instructions

LP9UV Flashlight Operation Instructions

Battery Replacement

LP9UV Flashlight Battery Replacement Instructions

Warranty Information

The LP9UV has a Limited 30-Day Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

To submit a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jerry S.
Works almost too well

I purchased this UV light to check on the need for our carpets to be cleaned. The light worked very well (the darker the room the better) so well in fact we decided to get new carpet.

Richard C.
A very inexpensive UV flashlight that works fine

I have the UV385 LUX PRO for several years. It cost $9.95 at Batteries Plus in Alabama and in Montana. Runs on 3 AAA batteries and I have not had to change them in 2-3 years. Great deal compared to $59 for the rechargeable one with the USB port. Several of my fishing buddies are very happy with theirs.

Sean Y.
Great uv light

I'm (among many other things) an auto technician and I use this light to look for any coolant leaks. If there are any the coolant glows under the uv light making it easier to find any leaks in the radiators, hoses, heater cores, or engine blocks. I like that its small and bright and without a doubt definitely makes my job alot easier. Thanx so much this is 1 of my favorite tools. Only down side is it sucks the batteries dry fairly quick...but not everyone is using it to check as many as 15 cars a day like I do, so this may only be a small issue for me. My light usually lasts about 3 days worth of work on 1 set of batteries. Compared to the 1 my coworker has from a different company which lasts only 1 1/2 I guess I'm good!!